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KS1 Workshop – Brooklands Museum 15.05.18.

KS1 Workshop – Brooklands Museum 15.05.18.

The weather was lovely as we set off for a day exploring the motor racing and aviation exhibits at Brooklands Museum where the first ever race track was built. In 1939 Brooklands began to design and manufacture Vickers aircraft for the war effort and later the famous but now obsolete VC10. 

Our workshop leader Olivia was on hand to greet us when we arrived, and we spent the day with very knowledgeable and pleasant tour guides who told us about the history of aviation using concrete examples via the array of replica and original aircraft on display. As well as looking at aeroplanes, the children also made and tested paper gliders in their workshop.

Throughout the rest of the day we were free to roam the vast complex looking at examples of racing cars through the years. Everyone sat in a McLaren F1 racing car and enjoyed crashing cars when using the racing car simulator in the Discovery room!

All too soon it was time to return to school without viewing any of the fine examples of buses in the London Bus Museum or the Cycle Exhibition, to mention but a few of the exhibitions at Brooklands Museum.

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