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Year 4 Visit to Banstead Woods - Tuesday 28th November

As part of their English work on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Year 4 went to Banstead Woods to visit the new Narnia Trail. They met Aslan the Lion, spotted Lucy waiting by the lamppost and even walked through the wardrobe entrance to Narnia, complete with hanging coats. They even got to taste Turkish Delight, just like Edmund did. At the end of the trail, Year 4 were met by the terrifying White Witch!

The figures have been carved from standing deadwood by a talented chainsaw sculptor, Ella, from The Tree Pirates, making use of the site’s own existing natural resources. Additional sculptures are to be added in the near future.

The children not only enjoyed seeing the sculptures but also took full advantage of their surroundings to play in the woods, run through fields, enjoy the stunning views and get very muddy!

 Banstead 1

Banstead 2

Banstead 3

Banstead 4

Banstead 5

Banstead 6