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Yr 3 & 4 Cricket vs Hampton Court House

Friday 12th May 2017

It was great to welcome Hampton Court House back to our fields, this time for a game of cricket. We played pairs cricket, where batters come up to bat in pairs and stay in bat for a certain number of overs even if the fielders take a wicket. If a wicket is taken, the batting team lose 5 runs. At the end of each over, the fielding team rotate through one position so that everyone bowls, wicket keeps and fields in every position.

Our team played very well, batting first. Hampton Court House managed to take three wickets, two of which came in the very last over.

After a quick refreshment break, it was our turn to field. Hampton Court House scored 30 runs in total. We took four wickets, three of which came from Arun’s bowling so well done to Arun. Congratulations to James who bowled the only maiden over of the match (a maiden over is when no runs are scored at all).

Areas to improve include bowling accuracy and batting confidence, but this will come in time as it was only our first match.

Westbury House won by 16 runs. Well done to all players who put in a superb performance, especially when fielding.