Ofsted’s report from March 2015

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Ofsted is Ancient History - Westbury House School is Outstanding

6 pupils with places to Tiffin, one to Sutton Grammar School, one scholarship to Kingston Grammar School, one scholarship to Lady Eleanor Holles and a scholarship to Putney High School along with a place at Wimbledon High School, one to Epsom College and a place at Coombe Girls’ School is an outstanding set of results for any Year 6 class.

However, for the current Year 6 at Westbury House School this is particularly exciting, given the way the school was judged by Ofsted last year; they said that we ‘required improvement’ in a few areas. Improvement has been stunning!

We have overhauled the way we teach Maths, incorporating all the latest pedagogy, brought in a Maths consultant and provided bespoke training to ensure staff are fully up-to-date with methods for getting the best out of children. This Year 6 has shown that we’ve found the best in them all.

The Management of the School was judged as ‘requiring improvement’; we’ve improved beyond all measure. There is a new Head Teacher, Rosalyn Holiday, who is driving forward a number of new initiatives. She is ably supported by her new Deputy Head Teacher, Lisa Murray, who is helping to implement all the changes. September 2016 sees the addition of two Assistant Heads: one for data and one for pastoral issues. This new team will continue to drive the school forwards, making it truly exceptional in every area.

The website has been completely changed so that we can keep people informed of the many things that are happening in the school.

The programme of extra-curricular activities has been expanded to incorporate a rich variety of opportunities including drama, singing, chess, cookery, computing, films, sport, public speaking, construction, jig-saws, Art, clarinet ensemble, violin ensemble, LAMDA and individual instrument lessons.

The already broad curriculum has been further expanded. From September 2016, all Years 3-6 children will have Mandarin lessons on their timetable. This is in addition to French (and Latin from Year 4). They will also have discreet lessons in Design Technology in addition to Art. We are moving ICT forwards to have individual tablets for children to work with in a range of lessons, turning from the old-fashioned notion of a dedicated ‘computer room’ to a school where computers are integral to each classroom in the school. The Science curriculum has been modernised to include many exciting projects. This year sees the first Arts Week, the first Science Week, the first inter-House music competition, the first public speaking competition, the first poetry competition.

Ofsted and its judgement of Westbury House is definitely ancient history! There is a new standard at Westbury House - nothing less than outstanding.



Last year's Ofsted - March 2015

What the school does well

* The inspectors found the curriculum offered at the school well planned and supported by detailed schemes of work, which set out clearly how pupils gain skills, knowledge and understanding as they progress through the school. They acknowledged the wide range of subjects studied, in academic subjects, sport, art, music and drama and acknowledged how well this promotes the children’s’ spiritual, moral, cultural and social development.

* They found that the school’s ethos promotes equality for all and that the children learn tolerance and respect on a daily basis and are well prepared for life in modern Britain.

* The children are confident and have self-belief in their ability to achieve their best through the excellent relationships they have with teachers. 

* The children are polite and respectful to each other and to staff and visitors, which contributes strongly to the warm and caring ethos of the school.

* It was evident that the children have a love of learning and are able to concentrate and show perseverance, and it was obvious to the inspectors they love their school.

* They found that the children throughout the school read with fluency, understanding and with intonation.

* They acknowledged how specialist teachers in many subjects provide a level of expertise, which results in good achievement and highly creative work.

* They also commented favourably on the role our teaching assistants play in giving one-to–one help to children with special needs and those with English as a foreign language whom they acknowledged become fluent very quickly.

* In mathematics attainment levels are above average. 

* In writing skills, attainment across the school is well above average and is evident not only in English lessons but also in that the curriculum provides excellent and regular opportunities in other subjects such as History, Geography and the Classics.

* The inspectors acknowledged the role of the Head of Early Years stating that she and her staff are skilled in making sure that activities interest and fascinate the children and that progress is rapid and importantly that the atmosphere makes the children feel safe and secure.

* The Inspectors found that team work amongst the staff is strong and staff morale good, all of which gives confidence in what can be achieved in the future.

Traditionally the school has always come out of an inspection with an overall ‘good’ listing with some individual areas deemed as ‘outstanding’.  On this occasion we have ended up with a classification of ‘requires improvement’ but with some areas deemed as ‘good’.

We are of course disappointed with this end result but in the Ofsted inspection hand book, it states that “requires improvement” means that there are one or two minor adjustments that can easily be rectified.


Requires improvement (3)
 All of the independent school standards may be met, but the school is not yet demonstrating the characteristics of a good judgement. Any un-met independent school standards (or, where relevant, statutory requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage) are minor, easily rectified, and do not have a serious impact on pupils’ welfare, health and safety, academic or personal development.