"...we are very happy we chose the school which has small class sizes and combines high quality teaching along with traditional values of courtesy and respect.  Our son is very happy and so are we..." - Angela Sirhan



“We are truly grateful to Westbury House School for giving our children such a happy and engaging start to their school life..." - Michael Simmonds


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"...Westbury does not only get you to work hard but to have fun and enjoy yourself..."


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The children from nursery to year 6 have had an amazing experience watching our duck eggs hatch, observing them grow at a rapid rate and having their first swim over the last two weeks.  Unfortunately, not of our duck eggs hatched.  This was a sad but valuable learning experience about life and death. We have been so surprised at how quickly they have grown and how much food they consume.

They have had a run in the garden, the nursery class designed some homes for them using mega blocks and we built an enclosure with a small bathing pond for them in the classroom.

Ducks 01